Head Lice do not infest the home
Lice are an external parasite, they need a human host in order to survive
Once detached from a host, a louse will began to dehydrate and will die within 24 hrs
Moms have a 54 % – 87% chance of getting head lice if one or more children are infested
Dads have a 10% chance of getting head lice no matter how many children in the household
Head Lice cannot fly or jump they, do crawl really fast
Head Lice infest the head not the house
Animals cannot get head lice
Flat Ironing or blow drying your hair does not kill head lice
Anybody can get head lice no matter race, gender or age
Adults can get head lice
Although itching can be a symptom of head lice, not everyone itches if they have head lice
Over the counter products are only 54% effective. They may kill off the live bugs but will not effect the nits