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If you are trying to treat head lice on your own this bundle is perfect for you. Pairing the ultimate lice comb and a non toxic repellent spray, will make the treatments so much easier.

The repellent spray is made with real essential oils and leaves the hair smelling good, do not need to worry about breathing in harsh chemicals.

The Terminator Lice Comb is the best lice comb in the market and can remove any infestation big or small.

Treatment: Use along with a Lice comb ( preferably the terminator lice comb).
1. wet and detangle hair
2. use spray all over hair and comb through hair ( using regular comb)
3. Part hair in the middle ( like pigtails). Put one side up( to get it out of you way)
4. Take the terminator comb ( starting from the forehead) where the hair parts comb through hair.
5. Whatever the comb removes from the hair wipe on a white paper towel.
6 Continue combing through hair until you reach the nape of neck
7. Than break down hair into smaller sections. Combing there the smaller sections with lice comb.
8. When finishing that half. pin hair and continue the same steps with other half.
9. Continue with this process every other day for the next 2 weeks from treatment

If there are any further questions in regards to the steps, treatments etc feel free to give me a call: 4702319873