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How Do We Get Head Lice?

Theirs always seem a bit of confusion of how people contract head lice. A few ways of getting head lice is through head to head and hair to hair contact; examples are selfies ( heads are together), hugging, cuddling etc. Basically if you are in close contact with others. People are most likely to get head lice from people who

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Cleaning the Sheets

If there is Head Lice going around in your family as a precautionary measure cleaning immediate bedding ( pillowcases, comforter and sheets) regularly wash them and put them in dryer for about 30 min.. if there are any Head Lice the heat from the dryer would kill them .. is the comforter can not fit in the dryer then isolate it

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What is Head Lice?

Head Lice are wingless parasitic insects that live and feed on the human scalp. There lifespan are about 30 - 33 days, during that time they lay nits ( lice eggs ) everywhere and anywhere on the hair. Head Lice do not jump or fly but do crawl very fast, so they can be very contagious. Its takes them 3

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