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Head Lice is becoming more and more common among children as well as adults. Families are now using head lice removal services ( yes they are out there) to help treat head lice. These lice removal services provides a big help to families, giving peace of mind and efficient treatments. Although there are many, many great head lice removal services out; also there are some that are not up to par. I heard of some “lice services” that do not provides adequate treatments and are there to rip people off. Have no fear here are some tips below to distinguish the good from the bad.

  1. Ask what about their treatments. When treating head lice the most important component is the combing. Combing the hair ( by using a lice comb) thoroughly is the most efficient way of treating head lice. Some lice service use oils ( ex. olive oil) to treat head lice. Just using oils alone does not treat head lice. If combing is not an integral part of there treatments then just go the other way.

2. Look for Reviews/ Word of Mouth.  
Every service/ company has reviews even lice services. With the reviews you will see others experiences. If you see that a company has overall good reviews you can make the assumption that they are legit. Also ask others families if they know of a lice services. I understand that it can be embarrassing to talk about head with other but a lot of people get lice and chances are there if someone in your circle that have dealt with lice before to recommend a company.

3. Do They Provide Follow Ups. Most Lice Services provides ( or should) follow ups and is included in there treatments. Follow up are basically rechecking the hair to make sure nothing was left behind. If you come across a company that does not provide that might be a red flag.

So just do your research and ask a lot of questions. Now a days you can look up anything and everything. Shop around and see what the services has to offer. Some offer more then others. Then make the decision that is right for your family.