Working in the Lice Business I have heard of different head lice home remedy treatments. I’ve heard of dish washing liquid, mayo, vinegar, petroleum jelly and even gasoline. Unfortunately using these products can be messy, time consuming, smelly and worst of all does not remove or treat head lice. The premise of these head lice home remedy treatments is to “suffocate” head lice and therefor remove the head lice from the hair. The problem with these “treatments” is that they focus more on removing the bugs and not the nits (lice eggs).

Although it is good to remove the actual bugs out, nits are the most important to remove from the hair. The actual bugs are pretty easy to remove, there are bigger, visible and can be removed easily. The nits ( lice eggs) are much harder to take out because they actual stick to the hair strand and harder to remove. To effective treat head lice both the live bugs and the nits must be removed. The home remedies do not work because the focus is on removing the bugs ( most of the “treatments” don’t even do that) and not on the nits. Nits can not be removed by just saturating the hair. I’ve had countless clients who used home remedies and needed my services. So just save yourself some time and frustration, seek head lice removal service that can treat head lice effectively. So NO to mayo on your hair, YES to mayo on your sandwich.

I will on future blogs educate about what to look for in a head lice removal service and how to spot the reals from the fakes.